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"A classic thrush...Purcell swings around a lyric with ease and style."

"She is one jazz singer worthy of the name."

- Bob Bernotas - Host of "Just Jazz"

"Expressive, poetic pipes..."

- Take Effect Reviews

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Jazz Vocalist and Educator

"Darden Purcell's latest recording, Where the Blue Begins, is a masterful compendium of incredible vocal stylings (lovely lyric sensitivity and swinging vocal solis), wonderful playing by her husband, Shawn Purcell on guitar, and imaginative arrangements that are full of fresh and inventive ideas."

"Darden's great pitch, sense of lyric vibe and her vocal approach to each tune are captivating and just plain fun to check out! Hip singing, playing and writing make for a completely enjoyable listening experience!"

- Chip McNeill, Grammy Award-winning Saxophonist, Arranger

and Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Illinois

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